Holistic Brain Certification & Coaching Course

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Stay up to date with the latest science and holistic interventions using plant based solutions.


**This course is AUTHENTICALLY AUTHORED and NOT AI generated

The Holistic Brain Certification & Coaching Program

Enhance your practice and improve client satisfaction by getting certified in the Holistic Brain!

This is a certification and coaching program with live coaching by Dr. Danielle, feedback & collaboration with the Holistic Brain community.

This in-app upgrade includes:

  • Live 1x/month coaching and Q&A sessions ($150/ea value)
  • Collaboration with Dr. Danielle and other Holistic community professionals
  • Suicide Informed Training ($47 Value)
  • Access to the Brain Health Reference Guide ($125 Value)
  • Discounts to Brain Essentials Shop (15% off all material)
  • Advanced Natural Medicine & the Brain course ($550 Value)
  • with 9 different lessons on Mental Health & Aromatherapy

(total value over $2200)

Included in Course: Purchase of this course includes unlimited access to the educational content, presentation downloads and handouts for the following lectures:

1- Introduction to Psychoaromatherapy

  • Essential Oil Basics
  • Essential Oils and the Brain Basics
  • Psychoaromatherapy

2 - Psychoaromacology of Anxiety

3 - Psychoaromacology of Focus and Attention

4 - Psychoaromacology of Memory and Learning

5 - Psychoaromacology of Mood

6 - Psychoaromacology of Stress and Trauma

7 - Psychogastroenterology (Gut-Brain axis)

8 - Neurocardiology (Heart-Brain axis)

9 - Addictions (Bonus Content)

10 - Concussion & TBI (Bonus Content)

- Course access will be emailed after your purchase.

- Course includes about 10 hours of training videos. 


Testimonials from those who have completed the courses - 

"I found this course to be extremely valuable, practical, easy to implement, and contains information I'll use in my home and practice"

- Beth McKenzie, Tenessee

R.N., Certified Diabetes Educator,

Certified Essential Oil Coach

    "The courses are scientific and research-based. Worth the investment!"

    - Samuel Salazar, Florida

    Certified Health Coach, Essential Oil Specialist,

    Biomagnetism Practitioner


    "Provides in-depth knowledge and education- and empowers me to teach others"

    - Tanya Greaser

    B.A. in Psychology, BSW