Solution Kits - Available Soon

Plant Based Solutions

These plant based products offer a simple, safe and natural solution for managing emotional needs and brain health and area  great healthy modality to integrate into treatment.

Because essential oils are concentrated chemical compounds from nature, they offer various effective benefits for the brain through targeting not only neurotransmitter communication, but other chemical messengers that support mental health pathways.

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Each kit purchase comes with free access to the companion educational course instructing you on the science and how to implement each product.

Every kit encompasses the three best application methods for the brain; Aromatic, Topical and Internal in order to provide the best results. 

Each kit includes: 

- 1 diffuser

- 1 Single oil

- 1 Blended oil

- 1 Roller blend

- 1 Capsule bottle

(The Complete Brain kit has 1 diffuser and 2 of each of the other items listed)

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Select the kit that best fits your desired brain health goals: