Brain Essentials Tri-fold (Pack of 25)

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How do Essential Oils affect the brain? They:

  • Influence mood and emotions
  • Support healthy brain function
  • Protect neurons
  • Protect against stress on the brain
  • Support neurotransmitters

Using the science of nature, Danielle Daniel combines research on essential oils and the brain with her passion for emotional wellness. The aromas referenced in this tri-fold are from years of her research reviews at the doctorate level and her experiences in the mental health field. Her mission is to bring hope through the light and intelligence of mother nature to those who seek solutions for mental well-being. 

This tri-fold provides an overall summary of how essential oils are best used for the brain. Information in the tri-fold includes: managing symptoms related to stress & trauma, memory & learning, mood, addiction, anxiousness, focus & attention, and brain injuries. The tri-fold also provides five diffuser recipes that are great for brain health. Lastly, the tri-fold has a whole section on the best application methods when using essential oils for your brain health!

Includes: 25 Tri-Folds